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Cuba praises agreements reached in Venezuela

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http://www.acn.cu/images/2019/Septiembre/0917-venezuela.jpgHavana, Sep 17 (ACN) Cuba is celebrating the partial agreements the Venezuelan government has reached with the opposition at the National Dialogue Table, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Cuban Foreign Minister, said on Twitter.

The National Dialogue Table between the government and representatives of the opposition with the aim of progressing in the debate and negotiation of various important agreements for the country was set up on Monday at the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry headquarters in Caracas.
President Nicolas Maduro stressed that the agreements are a step towards peaceful coexistence and understanding, Tele Sur TV reported.
At Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Maduro reiterated that the Bolivarian forces and the government are fully determined to resume talks.
Among the most important issues are the return of the pro-government fraction to the National Assembly, the reactivation of a new executive of the National Electoral Council, the release of opposition leaders linked to violent acts, the defense of the country's rights over Guayana Esequiba, the rejection of illegal economic sanctions and the support for the oil exchange program for medicines and food.

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