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Villa Clara cane seed banks guarantee quality and output

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HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 16 (ACN) The National Institute for Sugarcane Research (INICA) has 11 registered sugar cane seed banks in the central Cuban province of Villa Clara, which guarantee the best varieties for sowing periods.

Miguel Chávez Rojas, specialist in seeds and varieties of the Sugar Company in the province, explained to the Cuban News Agency that INICA has among its objectives the attention to sugarcane producers from scientific and technical advice.
In the cultivation of sugarcane we gather information on the blocks to be planted, he said.
A block is a quantity of field whose soil is similar throughout its surface and has the same characteristics, said the specialist.
Then we take samples in each block which are then taken to a laboratory where they analyze the nutrient contents and physical and chemical characteristics they possess, to determine in this way the variety of cane seed most suitable according to the type of soil, he said.
Sometimes we find seeds that demand a lot of moisture as well as others that are susceptible to soils with poor drainage, he said.
The specialist also referred to the characteristics that must have seed banks, among which highlighted the presence of a good perimeter fence, a disinfection baden and a hydrothermal treatment plant with the aim of eliminating impurities and harmful microorganisms.
In order to optimize the sowing of sugarcane, INICA prioritizes varietal purity and guides producers to make a good soil preparation as well as to plant the most vigorous seed and to have moist soils.


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