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Lightning kills five Cubans at a beach

Tamaño letra:

Lightning kills five Cubans at a beachHAVANA, Cuba, Aug 16 (ACN) A lightning bolt killed five people, two adults and three minors around 3:30 p.m. this Thursday at La Puntilla beach, in Santa Cruz del Norte, in the province of Mayabeque.

A child was also injured in the accident and was treated urgently at the local polyclinic Alberto Fernández Valdés, according to information published today in the digital edition of the Granma newspaper.

Dr. Yamira Delgado Diaz, director of health in the municipality of Santa Cruz, said that after being stabilized the child was transferred to the Juan Manuel Marquez pediatric hospital, in Havana, to receive specialized care.

The competent authorities worked on the identification of the victims, with the objective of making their names, ages and origin known.

The place of the event was attended by the highest authorities of the Party, the Government and the Administration in Santa Cruz del Norte.

Cuba qualifies as one of the countries most affected by lightning in the whole world, given the great electrical activity that characterizes the storms in the country.


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