Havana, Tuesday 12 de November de 2019 07:26 pm

Cuban Chancellor condemns US aggression over sovereign states

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Cuban Chancellor condemns US aggression over sovereign statesHAVANA, Cuba, Aug 14 (acn) Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Cuba´s Foreign Affairs Minister, said today that the international community has the challenge of facing the aggressive and arrogant conduct of the United States towards sovereign countries.

Through his official Twitter account, the minister refuted the imposition of unilateral coercive measures and punitive tariffs on independent nations imposed by Washington.
Today, the US government intensifies its crusade against sovereign states such as Cuba and Venezuela through actions that seek a change in both nations.
Cuba has suffered for almost 60 years an economic, commercial and financial blockade which is the main obstacle to the development of the Caribbean island; while Venezuela suffers the continuous attacks by the US government, who through economic sanctions intends to encircle the Bolivarian Revolution and overthrow President Nicolas Maduro.

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