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Experts reject study on alleged sonic incidents on U.S. diplomatic in Cuba

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Experts reject study on alleged sonic incidents on U.S. diplomatic in CubaHAVANA, Cuba, Jul 24 (ACN) Mitchell Joseph Valdés-Sosa, member of the Committee of Experts that participated in the investigations into the health incidents reported by U.S. diplomats in Havana, reiterated the call for a transparent scientific discussion to find coherent explanations for these events.

In statements to the press, the researcher commented that the recent article published on this subject by the JAMA journal does not allow clear scientific conclusions, the picture of medical results is confusing and contradictory and that the numerous criticisms of the international scientific community have not been satisfactorily answered.
Valdés-Sosa stressed that although the title of the work refers to some so-called directional phenomena, there is no relationship between the findings of the images and these supposed phenomena, which is important given the widespread discredit in the scientific community of sonic or microwave attack theories.
According to the director of the Neuroscience Center, the changes described in this article, a continuation of one that appeared in the same journal in March 2018, are small, very diverse, variegated, diffuse, and do not correspond to a coherent picture.
Valdés-Sosa reiterated that the Committee of Experts that he integrates does not deny that there may be sick individuals but they claim the need to move towards coherent explanations from the scientific point of view.
The only way to clarify the state of health of those affected is through a transparent scientific discussion and the exchange of clear and unprejudiced information, he said.
In February 2017, the United States announced the existence of incidents against its diplomats in Havana, later joined by Canada.
The Cuban government collaborated with its U.S. counterpart to facilitate the access of specialized agencies to carry out research on the ground, although this cooperation was not rewarded.
Although no evidence of any kind has appeared to explain the reported health incidents, the issue has been manipulated and used as a pretext to justify aggressive measures against Cuba, including the almost total closure of its embassy and the setback in relations between the two countries.


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