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Cuban Foreign Ministry: No evidence to support unjust U.S. measures

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Cuban Foreign Ministry: No evidence to support unjust U.S. measuresHAVANA, Cuba, Jul 24 (ACN) Cuba reiterated on Tuesday that there is still no reason to support the closure of consular services, the expulsion of Cuban diplomats from Washington, the misleading alerts of travelers and all the unjust measures of the United States under the pretext that its officials in Havana are in danger.

Johana Tablada, deputy director of the United States Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stressed that these measures have had a high humanitarian cost on the Cuban population, forced to travel without guarantees to third countries in order to obtain a visa and many sectors of the United States are also affected.
The diplomat referred to an article published on Tuesday by JAMA magazine, which was done by the same group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania who, at the request of the U.S. government, last year undertook a study of U.S. diplomats based in Havana who reported health incidents.
She said that, in this article, the authors themselves recognize that the changes detected are minimal, their conclusions are uncertain and they cannot detect the causes of them.
U.S. and Cuban specialized agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Criminalistics agreed in their conclusions that there is no evidence of any type of attack or act against diplomats in Havana.
Nevertheless, added Tablada, John Bolton, Security Advisor to Donald Trump's administration, and the State Department, in their public documents, have maintained the irresponsible use of the term attack, when they know that there has been no deliberate act against their diplomats in Cuba.
The entire policy of hostility and the most recent measures of aggression against Cuba are mounted on lies to fulfill perverse political and domination purposes, the official added.
Cuba asks the U.S. government to put an end to the manipulation and use of this issue as a pretext for imposing new and increasingly leonine measures of aggression against the integrity of the largest of the Antilles, its economy and its people.
What there is evidence of is that Cuba is a safe country for U.S. diplomats and diplomats from any country, as it is for Cuban citizens, for foreign residents and for the millions of travelers from all over the world who visit the archipelago every year, the diplomat added.
She also reiterated that Cuba is willing to develop a respectful dialogue to cooperate on this and other issues of benefit to both peoples.


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