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Granma province works to recover state pork production

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Granma province works to recover state pork productionHAVANA, Cuba, Jul 16 (ACN) In line with the development plans being promoted in Cuba to recover the program of state production of pork, the province of Granma rehabilitates an old integral pig center, whose structure dates from 1986, when it was inaugurated by the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

Located in the rural area known as Cujabo, in the municipality of Yara, it will be reopened soon under the name of 26 de Julio, to greet the celebration in the territory of the central activities for the Day of National Rebellion.
The entity will initially have a thousand breeders, which after four months, at the end of 2019, will be able to begin to provide offspring, said Yusleidys Perez Prats, director of the Granma Porcine Company.
She clarified that the concept of integral implies to attend, in the same place, from the birth to the fattening of the animal, and a productive capacity of three thousand tons of meat is foreseen, which will allow to increase the volumes of delivery to the industry in the coming 2020.
The development plan," he said, "includes the recovery of three premises in the Pedregales Base Business Unit of Bayamo, which has 1,100 breeders and will receive another 500.
That growth, which much will depend on food self-sufficiency, seeks to reverse the imbalance between population density and current deficient production, and this year has as strength the corn planting campaign in the province, he said.
Pérez Prats explained that, according to estimates, this crop will provide the pig program with some 26,000 tons of the cereal, which ensures more than 70 percent of the necessary feed.
Yamilka Ricardo González, an engineer in charge of the investment in the 26 de Julio pig integral center, said that work is being done on the rehabilitation of the 22 existing buildings, including floors, feeders, roof, hydraulic and electrical installations, residual system and interior roads.
The work includes the maintenance of three oxidation ponds, repairs in the administrative area, kitchen, dining room and bathrooms, as well as the construction of a sanitary filter and a biodigester, he added.
As a result of the food deficit that affected the country in the first quarter of 2019, Granma stopped delivering 266 tons of pork to the industry until the end of last June.
Looking ahead to the second half of the year, it has the necessary animals and has been able to deliver 80 percent of food for fattening in the cooperative and peasant sector, which offers greater guarantees of recovery.
Although it will be very difficult to comply with the initial plan of 11,364 tons, the pig farmers of the territory do not cease in this effort, as it is proven that they have greater potential and so demonstrated in 2018, impossetting a record of 12,000 tons.


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