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Latin-American and Caribbean firefighters train in Cuba

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Latin-American and Caribbean firefighters train in CubaHAVANA, Cuba, Mar 20 (acn) Firefighters from 14 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean attend the 5th International Comprehensive Rescue Course at the Regional Center for Training, Rescue and Firefighters (CRESB by its Spanish acronym) in Havana, led by specialists from Cuba and Russia.

"The most important thing is that students can transmit this learning in their countries, that they become instructors to train the firefighters of their respective nations in these techniques," Lieutenant Colonel Denis Miasnikov, Search and Rescue professor of the Russian Ministry for the Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM).
Along with Russian specialists and Cuban instructors, the course is attended by firefighters from Antigua and Barbuda, Guatemala, Venezuela, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, Jamaica, Dominica, El Salvador, Panama, Haiti, Nicaragua and Ecuador, countries linked to the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).
The training for this course includes first aid, training in search and rescue in disaster areas, even in high places (mountains, tall buildings), and a night exercise is planned, so that students can exercise in these conditions.
Each country has its own way of facing these situstions, and the problem is to unify all the knowledge and in turn, learn from each of them, Miasnikov said.
"I want to thank Cuba for the opportunity it gives me to come here to transmit my knowledge using the local bibliography and training fields and to be able to prepare with the required quality the rest of the forces of Latin America, "he added.


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