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Havana´s tornado-stricken victims receive over a hundred new houses

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 4 (ACN) Reynaldo Garcia Zapata, president of the government in Havana, reported that from the sale of construction materials and the work of various construction brigades, 101 homes have been completed out of 804 counted as total collapses. In March, more than 200 homes are expected to be completed.

In everything that has been executed so far," he said, "the principle has been fulfilled that the works are of quality and that the buildings are in a better state of construction than before the impact of the tornado.

He also said that the 4,840 families affected, either totally or partially, have been allocated resources and more than 50% have acquired them.

He added that constant efforts are being made to restore vitality as soon as possible to health, education and other institutions that still show some type of damage.

Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party in the capital, highlighted the incorporation of families to the construction work from the first moment the specialized brigades began their work.

Major General Ramón Pardo Guerra, head of the National Civil Defense Staff, assured that in the control actions carried out during the recovery stage it was verified that the offices of procedures and points of sale of construction materials have become more organized.

Also, he specified that once concluded the period of rehabilitation of 30 days it was reached more than 95% of vitality in the systems of health, water, energy and communications.

The meeting also examined in detail the state of the recovery of the housing fund affected in different provinces of the country by the impact of hurricanes of great intensity that have hit the national territory in previous years, as well as other weather phenomena.

To all of them, it was explained, solutions that have been conceived in the plans of the respective territories will arrive; on the evolution in these executions the Cuban Government will also maintain a systematic check-up.


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