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Victories that generate more victories, Diaz-Canel describes the Havana recovery process

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Victories that generate more victories, Diaz-Canel describes the Havana recovery processHAVANA, Cuba, Feb 13 (ACN) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel described as a victory that will continue to generate other victories the immediate reconstruction that the island's capital undertook after the passage of the destructive EF4 tornado that crossed several of its municipalities on Sunday, January 27.

In a meeting of the Council of Ministers that on Tuesday night to assess the recovery process in Havana, Diaz-Canel highlighted the large number of people who went to work urgently and the substantial resources that the State mobilized for the victims.

The president highlighted the position taken by builders, electricians, families, students and the population in general to raise the sites destroyed by the strong winds, with the philosophy that they will be much better than before. He even indicated that he would make proposals for decorations to honor those who have worked tirelessly for the past 15 days.

At the meeting, it was learned that of the 7,761 cases of housing damage, 771 cases have already been resolved and 3,619 people have acquired construction materials. The Minister of Domestic Trade, Betsy Diaz Velazquez, said that resources are secured and available at points of sale.

The Minister of Finance and Prices, Meisi Bolaños Weiss, reported that 5,700 victims have completed the technical file that allows them to buy materials and during this week the work in the offices of procedures should conclude. She considered that the processing work has been improving, that the process has been organized and the queues have decreased.

The Minister of Construction, René Mesa Villafaña, said that there have been 619 total collapses of houses and the planning to resolve them have been defined in: rebuild 384 in the same place, locate 72 in new sites and 163 in premises adapted for housing, the vast majority of these works are carried out with state building forces.

During the meeting it was also reported that communications in the municipalities through which the tornado passed have been restored, in addition to the electricity, water and gas services that have been back to normal for several days.

The first secretary of the Communist Party in the capital, Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, praised the gratitude shown by the families, almost all of very humble origin, to the builders of several contingents who work to improve the state of the houses.

He also informed that the reconstruction work of the maternal hospital Hijas de Galicia, strongly damaged by the tornado, must be concluded on February 16 so that around the 20th it can provide services again.

Meanwhile, the president of the government in Havana, Reynaldo García Zapata, assured that the streets of the affected municipalities are kept clean of debris and completely open to traffic, while new LED lights are placed in the main avenues.

All these issues will continue to be reported to our population on Wednesday afternoon through the Roundtable program, where the Cuban President will again appear, along with a group of ministers and provincial and municipal authorities who have guided the tremendous recovery of Havana, a city that remains determined to reach its 500th most beautiful anniversary and with its wounds healed.


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