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Cuba´s Ministry of Foreign Trade informs on donations to Havana

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Cuba´s Ministry of Foreign Trade informs on donations to HavanaHAVANA, Cuba, Feb 1 (acn) The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX by its Spanish acronym) has enabled the email address donacionxlahabana@mincex.gob.cu to address any interest in making donations for the population affected by the tornado that hit Havana last Sunday 27.

It was emphasized in a press release that MINCEX is the agency of the Central Administration of the State in charge of coordinating international aid, and it is a well-structured process that has been implemented every time the country has gone through situations of natural disasters.
Donations of material resources from abroad, whether from governments, companies, non-governmental organizations or individuals, can be communicated to the embassies of Cuba in the country in which the donor is located.
The Cuban Government is responsible for organizing the arrival, entry without paying tariffs and distribution.
In the case of donations of financial resources in foreign currency, the Financial International Bank (BFI by its Spanish acronym) has an account with the number 0300000005093523.
The MINCEX note states that donations of resources in the national territory are channeled through the Provincial Administration Council of Havana.
For monetary aid, an account has been opened in the Metropolitan Bank (BM) with the number 0598770002953216, procedure which can be done from any BM branch.
The text adds that the most necessary materials are means for the recovery of roof covers and tanks for water storage.

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