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Cuban Nuclear Physics Awarded in Russia

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Cuban Nuclear Physics Awarded in RussiaHAVANA, Cuba, Jan 21(ACN) PhD Katherin Shtejer Díaz, researcher at the Center for Technological Applications and Nuclear Development (CEADEN), won one of the awards of the High Energy Laboratory of the Unified Institute of Nuclear Research (IUIN), in the city of Dubna, in the Russian Federation.

Shtejer Díaz received the stimulus for her relevant results in 2018, and the diploma accredits her as a decorated researcher in the section of Particle Physics and atomic nucleus, development of physics programs and process modeling for the NICA complex.

The Nuclear Communicators Network also reported that it was won by five Russian and Cuban researchers for its thesis entitled Realistic simulation of the MPD detector for the reconstruction of invariant (anti-) hyperons spectra, fluctuations by events of proton multiplicity, and the reconstruction of D mesons in Au+Au and p+p interactions for NICA energies.

The latter is one of the seven large laboratories with the characteristics of a scientific research institute that make up the IUIN, and hosts the international project for the installation and development of the NICA complex, Ion Collider Factor based on Nuclotron, supported by the government of the Russian Federation.

Collaboration between Cuba and Russia in this field is aimed at promoting the exchange of specialists and scientific research projects in areas such as nuclear medicine, nuclear waste disposal, irradiation technologies for food preservation, the production of isotopes for medical purposes, nuclear safety and the training of human resources.


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