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Cuba: Non-State sector contribution to grow in 2019

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 17 (ACN) The economic forecasts for 2019 show that contributions from non-state forms of management can represent up to 13 percent of total revenues to the state budget, representing a 16 percent growth over the current year.
Félix Martínez Suárez, Deputy Minister of Finance and Prices, explained to the members of the Commission for Services of the National Assembly of People's Power that income for the coming year is expected to amount to 60,020 million pesos, four percent more than in 2018.
The socialist state-owned company continues to be the main player in the national economy with an 85 percent share of these revenues, he added.
The Commission emphasized the need to mobilize the economy's efficiency reserves and to maximize payment discipline in all entities and among those participating in the non-state sector.
The modalities that make up this form of management are recognized by the Cuban authorities as a complement to national economic activity, an alternative to employment and a way to increase personal income.
In the middle of this year, more than one million Cubans worked in the non-state sector, out of an economically active population of almost four million 500 thousand people, including members of non-agricultural cooperatives, self-employed workers and peasant producers (cooperative and independent).
The Service Attention Commission will also evaluate other socio-economic issues in the days preceding the Second Ordinary Session of the 9th Legislature of the ANPP, scheduled to begin on the 21st.

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