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Nicolás Maduro: Latin America needs ALBA more than ever

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HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 14 (ACN) Latin America needs ALBA more than ever, to renew hope and above all to go back to this era where neoliberalism and the privatization of health and education are being imposed, Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela, said on his arrival in Havana.
In statements to the press, he stressed that this is a Summit in which criteria will be shared in complex circumstances, marked by the arrival in power of extremist governments in southern Latin America such as the one in Brazil.
He added that the organization has to strengthen social programs, educational missions, health, cultural and also economic programs.
We bring Petro as the monetary option of the ALBA countries, he informed, to accelerate the commercial and economic integration of a region that needs to grow and advance; only together is possible.
He emphasized that ALBA now has to grow and that the mission of the meeting is to strengthen the organization and union of governments and peoples.
Maduro stressed that he arrived in Cuba on the same date and time that Chavez arrived in Havana for the first time 24 years ago, with all his dreams and energy and where he was received by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.
Nobody could imagine then the history that was about to be written, he said, that's where the new history of Latin America began. We come to remember them and fill ourselves with the energy of those two great leaders and the best way is to meet at the ALBA Summit he pointed out.
With all the power and experience, the energy, and with all the political will that those of us who make up ALBA have, we can make a new world," he said.
Nicolás Maduro, president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, arrived Thursday night in Havana where he will participate in the XVI ALBA-TCP Summit, which will take place this Friday.

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