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Cuba has more than 18 thousand professionals in Psychology

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HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 20 (ACN) Cuban Psychology, which has more than 18,000 professionals, has collaborated in the development of the country and has earned the respect and consideration of the people, said Aurora Fernandez, vice head of the Ministry of Higher Education (MES).

At the opening of the VIII Intercontinental Convention of Psychology Hóminis 2018, underway at the Havana´s Conventions Center, the Vice Minister said that this event is key in the promotion of academic exchanges, which allows the construction of more humane, just, supportive, inclusive and egalitarian societies.
This is what the world needs and what the country also demands, she told the 800 delegates from more than 50 countries from all continents.
Fernández explained about the process of economic and social transformations to which Cuba is immersed, for which, she said, we call on all sciences and knowledge.
She congratulated those present and especially the winners in each of the modalities that were recognized by the Cuban Society of Psychology (SCP).
Dr. Alexis Lorenzo, president of the organizing committee and of the SCP, welcomed the delegates to the meeting, which will last until Friday and is dedicated to human welfare, sustainable development, and especially proposes to evaluate and affirm the place of Psychology in the Cuban social project.
This event promotes a space for reflection, scientific exchange and professional commitment to the dilemmas of the century that we must live as representatives of a science that gains maturity and experience in a time of changing situations, reorganization and necessary adjustments in the intention to work for human improvement, he said.
In the inaugural day Lorenzo gave the master lecture Cuban Psychology as science and profession promoting human welfare: historical notes and future projections.
Meanwhile, in another lecture, Dr. Martin Seligman, from the United States, a world-renowned academic, researcher and writer, pointed out that the future of positive psychology is to go to the help of nations to build well-being.


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