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Cuba changes design of traditional tobacco curing barns to face climate change

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 19 (ACN) After centuries of building the barns to cure the tobacco leaves in the same way, Cuban tobacco growers are adopting a new system to help palliate the havoc wreaked by the ever stronger storms that have affected Cuba in the last years.

The new design includes reducing the height of the barns by 30 percent, increasing the width from 10 to 19 meters and adding two side halls. These halls allow a better control of humidity in case of intense rains.

Women working inside the barns now can have better illumination when they are tying the leaves. Another advantage is that they don't have to stop their tasks when farmers are moving the stacks higher in the barn

In a trial phase in Pinar del Rio, the province where the best tobacco leaves of Cuba are produced, the curing capabilities increased 60 percent with this new system.

In six years, four hurricanes destroyed in this province some 8000 curing barns causing huge losses to Cuban economy. The new barns can stand against heavier rains and stronger winds, according to the specialists

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