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Cuba builds equipment for the collection of solid waste

Tamaño letra:

CAMAGUEY, Cuba, Oct 31 (ACN) The manufacture of equipment for the collection of solid waste for the sanitation of the Cuban capital and other provinces, is carried out by the collective of the factory of metal structures, belonging to the Industrial Military Company Major General Ignacio Agramonte.

According to the production director of the aforementioned facility, Nelson Pérez Tamayo, in 2015 they began the line of the collector known as ampliroll, container boxes that are placed on the ground and when filled they are lifted to a flatbed truck to move them away.

Since mid- year they have been manufacturing a new model of the same equipment, albeit with a smaller size, to handle them with greater mobility in narrow streets, and to which they added lids, the local Adelante newspaper reported on its website.

Since then 77 of these means have been delivered, of which 32 were for Havana, 12 for the city of Camagüey, with an urban center of very narrow streets, and the rest to other territories.

The factory has the capacity of producing 12 ampirols each month, along with the manufacture of water tanks (cistern type) and beds, both for trucks, trolleys that use communal workers for manual street cleaning, and a considerable variety of metal products, adds the website.

The Mechanical Plant, located in this city, manufactures and markets spare parts and accessories, various metal items, reinforced plastic, security elements, industrial hardware and wooden furniture, in addition to the capital repair of engines and machine tools.


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