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Natural and Traditional Medicine in Cuba: an integrating specialty

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Natural and Traditional Medicine in Cuba: an integrating specialtyHAVANA, Cuba, Sep 5 (ACN) Cuba recognizes Natural and Traditional Medicine (NTM) as a medical specialty, integrating and holistic of health problems, using methods for the promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases.

Doctor ohann Perdomo, head of the national MNT group at the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) stressed that all this is based on traditional medical systems and other therapeutic modalities that integrate with each other and with the conventional treatments of the Modern Western Medicine.
There is a plan of actions to guarantee the development and consolidation of this millennial practice that includes the assurance of the production, distribution and commercialization of natural products; medical care; teaching, research; health promotion and education; and control and evaluation of compliance with the approved plan of measures.
At the VI Congress of the Cuban Society of Natural and Traditional Medicine, which meets until Friday at the Havana Convention Center with some 500 delegates from 15 nations, Perdomo stressed that in 2017 there are 144 lines in the basic table of products and the local production of phyto and apipharmaceuticals surpassed 71 million units.
In addition, 50 million patients were treated with MNT in that period, he said in his speech this Tuesday in the forum that aims to disseminate and exchange the results of scientific research conducted in institutions at the national and international levels.
The aim is to promote cooperation between countries, the exchange of experiences, sustainable practices and the transfer of knowledge, as well as participatory development and environmental protection.
At the II Symposium of Exchange with the Society of Integrative Medicine of Japan, Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura, coordinator of Onnestsu Therapy and other experts from that Asian nation, will present a panel on the past, present and future of this technique, based on the combination of an ancient oriental discipline tending to the transmission of energy with the modernity of infrared rays.


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