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Modern cranes installed in Santiago de Cuba port

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Modern cranes installed in Santiago de Cuba portSANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba, Aug 24 (ACN) New state-of-the-art cranes were installed at the multipurpose terminal being built at the port of Santiago de Cuba, local television reported.

The Chinese technology equipment was transported on the Baltic Winter ship from the port of Nanjing, and after 60 days of navigation it was immediately unloaded on the new jetty.

The three cranes, designed by Cuban engineers and manufactured in China, will make it possible to speed up the handling of various goods once the investments have been completed.
The shipment consists of a 50-tonne central crane and two 30-tonne cranes, with which ships of up to 40,000 tons will be operated.

César Vega Cuza, a specialist in port activities in the Guillermón Moncada port, said they are fully automated, computer-operated equipment.

The cranes will be able to handle all types of cargo, whether bulk, packaged or in containers and have a maximum radius of 40 meters and a minimum of nine meters.

Vega said another novelty is that they have video cameras at the ends of the arms to have a better visual angle within the hold of the ships.

The operating cabins are very comfortable, air-conditioned; with digital displays that show the parameters of the crane and the weight it is actually being loaded.

The set is completed by three electro-hydraulic hoppers with a capacity of 60 cubic meters, whose ecological component prevents the exit of dust caused by the handling of bulk loads.

Finally, he reported that the personnel in charge of the operation of the equipment are already preparing with specialists from the port of Mariel and Chinese consultants.


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