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Deputies Ratify the Democratic Character of the Popular Consultation

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Deputies Ratify the Democratic Character of the Popular ConsultationHAVANA, Cuba, Aug 2 (ACN) Members of the Parliamentary Commission for the Constitutional Reform ratified on Thursday in Havana the unique character of the upcoming popular consultation process in addition to the importance in studying the proposed draft Constitution in order to make serious and responsible proposals.

Deputy Eduardo Torres Cueva, one of the 33 members of the working commission highlighted during a press conference at the Cuban Journalists Association that such exercise, to be held from August 13th to November 15th in communities, educational and work centers, is an example of the maturity of Cuban democracy.

He highlighted that the over 135 thousand scheduled meetings will originate different points of views, which is good and necessary and will enrich the Constitution.

A Constitution is not a regulation that is why we must care for its content.

Yumil Rodriguez, also a member of the commission reiterated the right of the population to participate in the open debates in addition to offering their uncertainties and suggestions on the content of the proposed Constitution, which was unanimously approved by the National Assembly last July 22nd.

Each one of the suggestions will be collected and evaluation, she said that is why it is important to assume the process with seriousness and responsibility.

The meetings will be conducted by people that are currently in a training process with previous experience with popular consultations on documents of the Communist Party like the economic and social model, said Rodriguez Fernandez.

Deputy Elba Martinez Amador highlighted the main role of the political and grass roots organizations in the population, support that has historically been important in other processes in the country.

A digital format draft was made public on Monday and a first 600 thousand tabloid form of the proposed Constitution was sold in newsstands across the country on Tuesday while 100 thousand more were necessary destined for Havana.

A report from the Cuban Post Office Group issued on Thursday points out that up until 3pm, 258 thousand 941 samples were sold only in the western and central regions.


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