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Diaz-Canel reviews 2017-18 sugar cane harvest’s performance

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 18 (ACN) The sugar harvest will always be an important part of Cuban economy; that is why we have to make it increasingly better and more efficient, said Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel.
Díaz-Canel exchanged ideas with the sugar industry executives on how climate change has affected production in recent years and the need to adapt our sugar factories to it; the pertinence of timely maintenance and repairs; the introduction of more efficient machinery; as well as the use of scientific and technical research to achieve better quality seeds.
Such considerations took place during a working meeting that took place this week as part of the checks that the country's top management regularly carries out on programs related to Cuban economic and social development.
Julio García Pérez, president of the Grupo Empresarial Azucarero (Azcuba), explained that since 2010 they have brought the sugarcane plantations closer to the mills, increasing the sugar yield and putting into operation more than a dozen mills that were paralyzed at the time.
He noted that the production of derivatives experienced growth, particularly in animal feed.
Similarly, he spoke of 2017-2018 harvest, in which more than one million tons of raw sugar were produced, a figure below expectations.
He announced that for the next harvest, scheduled to begin in November, it was decided to resume tractor and trailer carrying to the collection centers; the capacity will be increased by 15 cleaning centers; and 20 conveyors will be put into operation to carry more railway carriages to the factory.

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