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Raul Castro Tours Eastern Zones under Recovery after Sandy

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HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 3 (ACN) Cuban President Raul Castro toured several territories in eastern Santiago de Cuba province on Saturday to evaluate the pace of recovery actions after the ravaging passage of hurricane Sandy on that part of the island.

The Cuban head of state corroborated the advancement of the recovery process and he expressed his optimism after witnessing the work being undertaken in each area.

During a visit to the Celia Sanchez Manduley textile plant, where workers are refurbishing big warehouses, the Cuban president said Santiago will be as new again, according to Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

Raul also toured a site where transportation equipment donated by Venezuela are being concentrated in order to use such means to boost the comprehensive recovery of the city. On the site, Raul learned about the modern trucks, cranes, bulldozers and other equipment that have been delivered to the country.

Later, the Cuban head of state attended a signing of accords between Cuba and Venezuela to back the assistance given by the South American nation to help clean the damage inflicted by hurricane Sandy.

In this regards, the president of Venezuela's PDVSA industrial sector Ower Manrique Ramirez told reporters that in the aftermath of the storm, Commander Hugo Chavez gave indications to his cabinet to implement a series of humanitarian actions aimed at helping reconstruct the affected areas.

In Santiago, Raul Castro also visited a photo exhibit depicting moving pictures of the damaged caused by the storm. The photos also show the high recovery capacity of Santiago citizens.

The Army General also visited a housing plan at the Jose Marti district, where he shared views with workers and neighbors grateful to the Revolution for the project, which has provided them with new apartments.

While talking to the locals, Raul recalled stories about his childhood and he suggested that the project should also guarantee space to plant trees and set up areas for the children to play and practice sports.

Children at the site told Raul about their schools, their families and their activities and they spared time to take pictures along the Cuban president.

Saturday evening, the Cuban head of state attended a regular meeting to assess the recovery activity in Santiago de Cuba. He considered it crucial to analyze and use all experiences contributed after the passage of the storm, since such contribution can be useful in other parts of the country.

As to the new housing program in Santiago, Raul suggested they should contribute to the beauty of the city, with a variety of designs though always bearing in mind the economic situation of the country. "I have been able to corroborate that Santiago is getting very beautiful again and this pleases me a lot; however, we have to keep working hard."

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