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Fidel Castro is Enjoying very Good Health, says Frei Betto

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HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 29 (acn) Brazilian scholar and theologian Frei Betto said on Wednesday in Havana that Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro is enjoying good health and high spirit.

For the sadness of his enemies, Commander Fidel enjoys very good health and humor, Betto told reporters following a meeting with Havana University students, while being accompanied by Cuba´s first vice-president Miguel Diaz Canel.

Betto and Fidel had a meeting on Tuesday on issues of national and international interest, as it was reported by local media.

I saw him in very good shape, he is slim but very lucid; he is jotting down everything on his notebook and he is quite informed about the national and international scenarios, said Betto.

He is the same old Fidel, that one who keeps his privileged observation angle and with full respect for the administration of President Raul Castro, and very optimistic. He is perfectly applied the axiom I always say, which is you have to keep your pessimism for better times, Betto noted.

The Brazilian scholar said that during his meeting with Fidel they addressed issues such as his meeting with Pope Francis, for whom Fidel feels deep admiration and added that Fidel wanted to know his opinion on the beginning of the process to reestablish relations with the United States. In this regards, Betto said he agreed that this is a positive step and a dialog that must take place.

Betto said that that the United States not only must change its methods, but also its goals; define the objectives to effectively have good relations with the Cuban people and he went on to stress the decision of Cuba to preserve the achievements, virtues and values of its Revolution.

Frei Betto previously addressed the Cuban students and called them to be alert about the symbolic meaning of the market and to bear in mind that the most vulnerable part of the human being is its pocket.

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