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April Thursday

Advancement for women in Cuba, three reasons of a Program

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 6 (ACN) The National Program for the Advancement of Women in Cuba focuses on equity and the necessary boost to ensure conditions, expand opportunities and achieve the practical realization of the principle of equality.

An article in the Granma newspaper reported that since the news was released last October that the Council of Ministers had approved the National Program for the Advancement of Women in Cuba (PAM by its Spanish acronym), many questions have been raised on this issue.
What does Advancement for Women mean?

Granma pointed out that the term has its origin in what was called the United Nations (UN) Decade of Women, between 1975 and 1985.

It was in 1980 that the UN convened the Mid-Decade Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they appraised the progress made during the past five years, and called the Third World Conference on Women in 1985, in Kenya, to review the United Nations Decade on Women.

In Nairobi, Kenya, the Forward-looking Strategies for the Advancement of Women were adopted, a document listing 372 actions needed to eradicate discriminatory policies and the unfavorable legal, economic, cultural and social situation of women.

Granma explained that from that moment on, the term "advancement" was established as an inclusive word that defines all situations of women, from those who suffer the worst manifestations of discrimination, to those who, in different advanced societies, have conquered a part of justice and rights, but lack full equality.

What is it necessary to "move forward"?

The Cuban newspaper detailed that in matters of advancement there are two aspects; one related to progress in the conditions and position of women themselves, and the other in relation to men.

Regarding the advancement of conditions and position among women, they refer that the element of analysis is that of intersectionality or the valuation of difference, which points to the "...phenomenon by which each individual suffers oppression or holds privilege based on their belonging to multiple social categories", such as age, sexual orientation, disability, skin color, among others.

On the second issue, related to progress regarding men, the journal describes that it is a response to the need to eliminate all the gaps that exist as a result of the historical and social construction of power relations between human beings, women and men, mediated by their bodies.
What is the purpose of a Program for the Advancement of Women in Cuba?

Advancing with respect to the condition of women themselves, and also advancing to reach the strategic objective of real equality between women and men, is the purpose of policies to achieve gender equality, which are expressed in programs or plans with specific indicators.

In Cuba, the purpose of the PAM is to encourage the advancement of women and the equality of rights, opportunities and possibilities endorsed in the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

It also seeks to deepen in the objective and subjective factors that, as expressions of discrimination, persist in Cuban society and hinder greater economic, political, social and family results, with the aim of eliminating them.

Approved by Presidential Decree 198 and disseminated last March 8, International Women's Day, the PAM is considered a keystone in the development of policies in favor of Cuban women, and gives continuity to the advancement and development of gender equality in the country.

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