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Colombian Peace Talks Keep underway in Havana

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 14 (acn) Representatives of the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces guerrilla organization, FARC-EP, continue peace talks in Havana to find a political solution to the social and armed conflict that has prevailed in Colombia over the past half a century.

The two parties kicked off a new stage in their negotiations on Tuesday particularly on the issue referring to the victims of the conflict, after they reached agreement on an integral rural development, political participation and the illegal drugs.

During the current stage, Colombians who have directly been affected by the conflict will give their testimonies and offer their initiatives to find ways that lead to the guarantee of their rights.

According to the two parties, the initiative will allow the victims of human rights violations to be listened to without any discrimination and under the principle of protection and recognition.

Also on the agenda is the setting up of a historic commission on the conflict and its victims, which will enrich the discussion on different pending issues.

The government and the guerrilla have expressed their will to advance towards a general accord that puts an end to the conflict, which has taken over 200 thousand lives in the South American country.

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