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Colombian Guerrillas Call on the People to Participate at Peace Process

Tamaño letra:

Colombian Guerrillas Call on the People to Participate at Peace ProcessHAVANA, Cuba, Aug 6 (acn) The delegation from Colombia's Revolutionary Armed Forces-People's Army (FARC-EP) to the peace dialog underway in Havana called for the active participation of Colombian citizens in the process.

In a communiqué released in Havana, the guerrillas reiterated their determination to receive the victims of the armed conflict to document the human rights violations committed over half a century in the country.

The FARC-EP said that as part of the general accord to end the conflict, the two parties will discuss, as of August 12, the issue related to the victims of the conflict, a point that will clear out phenomena such as militarism.

They also thanked the Colombian people for their contribution in terms of information, denunciations, and testimonies to the bargaining table in order to kick off the march towards reconciliation and peace.

Delegations from the guerrilla and the government have held peace talks since November 2012 towards an accord that leads to the end of the armed conflict in their country and guarantees lasting peace.

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