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September Tuesday

In times of a pandemic, a Cuban-style May Day

HAVANA, Cuba, May 1 (ACN) At home with family, marching with the Homeland in their hearts, Cubans will celebrate International Workers' Day today, an exceptional May Day like no other they remember, probably unique.
Unprecedented are these times, with a terrible pandemic striking the planet, and the social distancing indispensable to win the fight against SARS-CoV-2, makes impossible the multitudinous parades that year after year, right on this date, shake with love, joy and hope all Cuba.
A graphic testimony will have to be left for posterity of those squares, always full, noisy, and now deserted, especially the one in Havana and Cuba, the one in Martí and Fidel, where just 20 years ago, the Commander in Chief explained in just 140 words the sum of what the Revolution is.
But, if conscience, the sense of the historical moment, of duty and individual and collective responsibility, call to reinforce social isolation, to stay at home as an antidote to the COVID-19, then it is right that this May Day every home should be a square and a trench for combat in defense of life.
For Cuba: United we will win, is the motto for the commemoration, and together, in a single cry, Cubans will sing the National Anthem this morning, at eight o'clock, united in the feeling and confidence in victory, to thus begin a day that, because of its uniqueness, will be difficult to forget.
At the beginning of the week, the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel, invited everyone to this song from his official Twitter account, as well as to the applause that those in their posts, at home or in the world, who work tirelessly to defeat the pandemic, deserve.
In another message from that social network, the president alluded to the ingenuity and creativity of the Cubans, expressed this time in an endless number of initiatives to, from social isolation, build house to house the popular parade and celebrate that "the workers raise and sustain the Homeland in spite of blockades, wars and threats.
This Friday, the flag of the lone star decorates public places and the facades of houses, and the initiative has been flying inside for days. During the day, we will see in social networks and other platforms photos, messages, videos that testify to the many ways the Cuban family has thought up to celebrate, in the midst of the battle, the International Workers' Day.
And, while for the majority the house will be their square, others will remain working, producing, contributing to the economy, fighting with their hands against illness and death, making Cuba from the health institutions, the land, the plantations, the factory complex, the mini-industry, transport, commerce, military units and so many other fronts.
For both sides there are plenty of reasons to fight and win, and there is much to celebrate and defend, above all a Revolution for which every human being counts, which even in the most adverse conditions guarantees and protects the rights of all and which abandons no one to their fate. What we have lived through in these weeks is irrefutable proof.

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