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Cuban VP receives Chinese minister

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Nov. 13 (ACN) Cuba´s Vice President of the Council of Ministers Ricardo Cabrisas received Nie Chenxi, Minister of State Administration for Radio and Television and Deputy Head of the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China.

The two officials talked about the nearly 60 years of uninterrupted diplomatic relations and the ties between the two countries, which are an example of the bonds between socialist nations, South-South cooperation and relations between a large and a small country based on equality and mutual respect.
They particularly emphasized the strengthening of the relations of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television with its Chinese counterparts, and the hopes of continuing to socialize experiences among experts and technicians, as well as to continue training courses and workshops, associated with the Chinese technologies acquired.
Chenxi was accompanied by Zhang Yiwen, Charge d'affaires a. i. of the Chinese embassy in Cuba, and other members of the delegation.
Carlos Miguel Pereira, ambassador appointed to China, Alfonso Noya Martinez, president of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, and Eloy Alvarez Martinez, vice-minister of Industries, among other officials, were present on the Cuban side.

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