Havana, Thursday 14 de November de 2019 03:42 am

Lies of US ambassador to UN, the world does not believe

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 8 (ACN) At this hour Donald Trump must have spoken to Kelly Craft to congratulate her, not because of a speech that, of course, he knew, and that his representative delivered to the UN General Assembly well read and studied, but because of the unabashed face and tone with which she spoke what from beginning to end was nothing but a bunch of lies.

Even that first sentence, which seems unobjectionable when taken out of context, that the U.S. decides with whom it trades, is, if its genocidal blockade is in question, the greatest lie and the greatest scorn to the community of nations, which by the deed and grace of the extraterritorial application of its laws, seeks to deprive of its no less sovereign right to trade with Cuba.
The Assembly still had to tolerate the reprimand of the Empire, which, according to Ambassador Craft, is greatly concerned that the world does not understand how noble purposes inspire it and that year after year it makes common cause with Cuba, whose government abuses its people, violates all its rights and, even more, supports Nicolas Maduro's regime and contributes to destabilizing an entire region.
It offends who can, not who wants, but indeed, the current holder of the White House and his collaborators know no limits.
In that same room, which hosts the General Assembly at the United Nations, barely three years ago Barack Obama - the same adversary, but not a troglodyte - recognized the altruism and professionalism of Cuban doctors, those whom Trump and his staff attack today.
In responding to Craft and his bosses, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla was responsible, in whose voice Cuba not only thwarted, one by one, old and new lies, but also told many truths to the United States.
And, not only Bruno, but the world gave the arrogant Empire the great answer: that slate dyed, vote by vote, green, the color of hope, would have to end up convincing it that, regardless of lies, blackmails and pressures, in spite, even, of some little people who join themselves to the car of infamy, the blockade is a battle lost a long time ago.


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