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August Sunday

Cuban president warns about US undercover actions in Bolivia

Cuban president warns about US undercover actions in BoliviaHAVANA, Oct 24 (ACN) Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel warned on Twitter that the US embassy in Bolivia is working undercover with opposition leaders to support a coup d'etat in that South American nation.

"U.S. Embassy in Bolivia continues its disguised action to support a coup d'etat. Another case of imperial meddling and threat to destabilize a process that has dignified the Bolivian people with Evo ahead. #YankeesOutofBolivia-, the Cuban leader tweeted, during a tour of several European countries.
Diaz-Canel's tweet refers to an analysis published on Cubadebate website, which states that vessels full of weapons traveled from the United States, specifically from Miami, to the Chilean port of Iquique, near the border with Bolivia.
The U.S. Embassy permanently monitored the arms and ammunition delivery through secret collaborators and met secretly with Bolivia's main opposition leaders, who seek to create, through violent actions, a climate of instability in the country, Cubadebate report concluded.

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