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November Sunday

US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan arrives in Havana today

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 15 (ACN) The 31st United States-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan will arrive in Havana on Monday evening to bring food, medical and other supplies collected in the U.S. together with the love and solidarity that we appreciate so much and which time has only strengthened and multiplied.

Since the first Caravan in 1992, each trip has been a resounding NO to the genocidal blockade of the U.S. government against Cuba in a clear challenge to both its laws and the restrictions imposed by such an insane policy, a call to tear down walls and build bridges, and a sign of support for Cuba, its people and the Revolution.

This time the challenge is twofold, since the caravanistas will not only be standing up resolutely to absurd prohibitions and regulations that violate the right of U.S. citizens to free travel, they will also be flying from Miami no less, the headquarters of the Cuban-American mafia.

This is not ancient history. Right now, all kinds of subversive plans and actions are being hatched, organized and financed in that city to sow confusion, hatred and divisiveness and to promote a social explosion bound to become an excuse for the empire to intervene and fulfill its dream of toppling the Revolution and reinstalling capitalism in Cuba.

This Pastors for Peace Caravan, a project of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO), created by Reverend Lucius Walker, an unforgettable friend who passed away in 2010 and whose remains rest in Havana, as he wished, as a last token of his deep love for Cuba, arrives in Cuba under unique circumstances, now that Havana is getting ready to celebrate its 502nd anniversary and Cuba reopens its borders and schools as its first steps toward the new normal.

According to reports, the Caravan led by IFCO executive director Gail Walker—daughter of the founding leader of this solidarity initiative—comes with 74 members from some twenty cities, many of them young people.

Once in Cuba, they will be officially welcomed at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Center, and they will start their program tomorrow with a visit to the Memorial of Denunciation.

The members of the 31st US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan, who will be in Cuba until November 26, will have a tight schedule of visits to socioeconomic, historical, scientific and cultural centers and meet with representatives of various sectors of Cuban society and its institutions.

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