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September Thursday

Cuba thanks MEPs for their position regarding Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 17 (ACN) Ana Mari Machado, vice president of the National Assembly of People's Power, thanked the MEPs for their request to the European Union to cease its subordination to the U.S. on the issue of Cuba.

The representative expressed on Twitter that the complicity of that community with imperial policies that harm so much the people of the island is unacceptable.

MEPs urged the European Union to distance itself from positions of confrontation and harassment subordinated to U.S. foreign policy with respect to Cuba in a letter addressed to Josep Borrell, head of the bloc's foreign affairs and security policy.

In the letter they also urged to leave aside the path of interference and aggression, and to strongly support respect for the United Nations Charter and International Law, and respect for the sovereignty of the people.

They pointed out that the best path will be always that of dialogue and cooperation and referred to a statement made by Borrell last July 29, in which he avoided referring to the U.S. hostility when he expressed his concern about complaints from Cubans about the lack of medicines, food and electricity.

The absence of a condemnation of the blockade and its devastating impact on the Cuban population is sincerely inconceivable, they stressed.

They also asserted that any pronouncement on human rights in Cuba should unequivocally denounce the violation of these rights, including the health of the Cuban population, as a result of the blockade.



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