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April Saturday

Xi Jinping thanks Cuba for congratulatory message

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 29 (ACN) The President of China, Xi Jinping, thanked the congratulations expressed by Cuba's top leadership after the eradication of extreme poverty in the Asian country, the main local press media reported on Sunday, according to a Prensa Latina report from Beijing.

The President expressed his gratitude in a letter sent to the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Raúl Castro, and to the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel.

He also noted that in recent years the friendship between the two nations has continued to deepen along with cooperation, which covers multiple socioeconomic sectors.

In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, China and Cuba have remained united and have supported each other, which has strengthened their friendship, he said in the text.

Likewise, Xi Jinping reiterated Beijing's willingness to support the island to maintain the path of socialism and raise bilateral relations to higher levels.

According to the Chinese press, Cuban leaders recently hailed in a message the results of the fight in the Asian country against extreme poverty and reaffirmed the will to further promote cooperation ties.

Last February 25, Xi declared China free of that scourge, thanks to a campaign that since 2012 allowed improving the living conditions of 98.99 million individuals and in the 832 most disadvantaged rural counties of the nation.

Overall, the Asian nation since the late 1970s lifted more than 770 million people out of poverty.
In addition, it met that goal of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development a decade ahead of schedule, the news agency reports.

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