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April Saturday

Panamanian government thanks Cuba for its medical collaboration

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 29 (ACN) The Panamanian Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, thanked on Sunday the gesture of brotherhood and solidarity of the people and government of Cuba in the confrontation with the COVID-19, during the three months of medical collaboration.

During the tribute to the members of the Henry Reeve Contingent who have been supporting Panamanian health personnel since last December, the head of state acknowledged the "invaluable" work carried out by these medical professionals in different hospitals and facilities set up for the care of patients, reported Prensa Latina news agency.

He assured that the Cuban people have shown solidarity, vocation and feelings of brotherhood towards their brothers of the Isthmian nation, which is reciprocal.

During his message of gratitude, on behalf also of the Panamanian government and people, Sucre acknowledged the kindness and courage of the island's doctors in coming to this country at the most complex moment of the pandemic.

The Cuban ambassador, Lydia Margarita González, and the head of the medical mission of the Caribbean country, Carlos Pérez, reaffirmed the commitment to collaborate in the fight against COVID-19 and highlighted the signs of affection received from patients, relatives and health professionals.

It has been a symbiosis between Panamanian and Cuban doctors to save lives, emphasized Dr. Perez, who listed the more than 45 thousand medical attentions offered by the personnel of the Caribbean nation and the actions of assistance, scientific work and mutual cooperation.

We consider that even with the pain of their families and the pain of the Panamanian people, the number of deaths we have had to lament has been lower than it could have been at another time of the pandemic, he added.

The director of the Panama Solidario hospital, Aurora Vernaza, affirmed that "the Cuban brigades arrived at a time when we needed them most, when our personnel were physically exhausted, so we consider their help as a necessary humanitarian medical relief".

It has been three months of working side by side, day by day, seven days a week, said Vernaza, who asserted that the support of the Cuban personnel was in all the necessary tasks inside and outside the health care center.

The celebration was attended by directors of the Panamanian Ministry of Health, hospital directors and the heads of the 10 medical brigades, who received a diploma of recognition signed by the Minister of Health, 'in gratitude for their show of solidarity and dedication to the Panamanian health service during the COVID-19 pandemic'.

At dawn on December 24, 230 Cuban specialists arrived on Isthmian soil, who worked in at least six hospitals and facilities set up for the care of COVID-19 patients in the provinces of Chiriqui, West Panama and Panama.

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