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January Thursday

US media considers US policy against Cuba as hypocritical

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 11 (ACN) Attempts to include Cuba on the list of states sponsoring terrorism is hypocritical and demonstrates U.S. double standards on the issue, according to different media outlets.

According to an article published by Reese Erlich, assistant professor of International Studies at the University of San Francisco, on the original site, the State Department's "terrorist list" includes countries that are not terrorists and excludes those which are.

Erlich quotes linguist and activist Noam Chomsky, who denounces the hypocrisy of the list and stressed that "either they eliminate it, or they make it honest" in reference to the manipulations to return Cuba to that category, Prensa Latina reported.

The move is part of a broader effort to hinder Biden's administration from restoring normal relations with Cuba, the academician said.

Paul Pillar, former deputy chief of the CIA's Anti-Terrorism Center, stated that keeping the island in that section was a reward for Florida's conservative Republicans, which shows it is clearly a political issue, Erlich added.

For his part, Chomsky points out that in the case of Cuba 'terrorism means resistance to the massive terrorism of the United States and the refusal to bend before the owner'.

At the same time, an article in The Hill newspaper affirms that the hardline approach of the Trump administration may complicate efforts to return to the policies of the Obama era.

Florida International University in Miami, in a 2020 poll, found that 58 percent of Cuban Americans support continued diplomatic relations with the Caribbean nation and 65 percent believe that all air travel to the country should resume by agreeing that under the Biden administration, Cuban-American voters will have 'less harsh' opinions on Cuba, and also 'be more open to ongoing change.


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