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April Thursday

Guatemalan organizations support Cuba in the face of US subversion campaign

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 17 (ACN) Guatemalan organizations supported Cuba by rejecting the latest efforts for US subversion in its everlasting will to overthrow its social project.

The political 'Tejiendo Pueblos' movement assured in a statement that Cuba is not alone in this new provocation by mercenaries paid by the Cuban-American mafia that call themselves the San Isidro movement.

'But once again they have found a dignified, free, conscious and sovereign people who defend their independence and the flags of the Revolution,' the statement sent to Prensa Latina points out.

The 'Tejiendo Pueblos' movement warned that such a campaign, like others, aims to generate the conditions for a soft coup, with calls for social disorder and violent actions in order to alter the peace that characterizes the country.

A similar supportive message on US media aggression was expressed by the Manuel Galich group, which condemned the 'infamous imperialist policy of the Trump government against Cuba.'

'US imperialism uses again one of its most known and subtle weapons as psychological warfare, aimed at imposing its hegemonic perspective worldwide, especially on culture, one of the bastions of the Cuban Revolution, by distorting its great union with the people,' they wrote on their website.

In their opinion, this type of attack seeks 'to minimize at a local and international levels, Cuba's achievements and exemplifying essence for Latin America and the world;' that is why, their unconditional solidarity 'to a people that has not and will not be defeated,' they affirmed.

Meanwhile, the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG) noted the fact that this media provocation is in addition to the multiple US efforts to overthrow the socialist revolution; the imperialism has combined 'the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars, blackmailing actions, sabotage, terrorism, and a tightened economic blockade.

'With admiration, we have seen the high capacity by organizations and mobilization of the Cuban people, not only in the face of those incidents of foreign intervention, but also in their exemplary way of fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic, and healthcare from their medical brigades in different countries of the world, particularly in our nation,' they pointed out.

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