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January Friday

Fidel Castro described as inspiration in France

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 24 (ACN) The historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro (1926-2016), is an inspiration with his ideas and struggles for the militants of just causes, solidarity activist Maigualida Rivas said in Paris today.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Rivas, who is also a member of the ALBA-TCP France Group and the Bolivarian Circle of Paris, recalled Castro's legacy, on occasion of the 4th anniversary of his death, on November 25.

'Our condition as militants and activists of just causes, and especially those in Our America -as Jose Marti said-, has been inspired by the ideas and struggles Fidel led, along with great Cuban men and women and several non-Cuban fighters, where the victorious Cuban Revolution emerged more than 60 years ago,' she stressed.

Rivas highlighted Castro's legacy in terms of unity of third world peoples and Latin American and Caribbean integration, as well as in the search for social justice.

According to the activist, Fidel Castro's ideas are fully valid, with his calls to save humanity from the threat of the capitalist model of production and development and defending the fundamental and inalienable human rights, such as education and health.

'That is why we can say: Fidel, you are here and you will always be among us,' Rivas said.

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