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August Tuesday

Italian trade union organization supports granting of Nobel Peace Prize to Cuban doctors

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 20 (ACN) Italy´s Unione Sindacale di Base (USB) urged to support the candidacy of Cuba´s Henry Reeve Medical Brigade for 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

'Let's support the Nobel Peace Prize for the Cuban Medical Brigade' and 'Defeating Covid-19 is possible with Socialism' were the central slogans of a virtual conference held by USB, which will be followed by other similar actions across the country.

The Nobel Peace Prize to these men and women who in the face of every situation are ready to leave their country and relatives to risk their lives in favor of unknown people, is a prize for the conception of the world.

In this regard, the text highlighted the value of this example 'at a time when the human life is in danger due to the irrationality of an economic system that is still dominating a large part of the planet.

During the conference, Cinzia della Porta, USB´s head of International Affairs, highlighted the help provided by Cuban doctors and nurses to fight the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy´s Lombardy and Piedmont regions.




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