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February Friday

Dutch organizations support request to grant Nobel Peace Prize to Cuban doctors

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 16 (ACN) Dutch health professionals and organizations expressed their support for the international petition to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban medical contingent Henry Reeve, a position that was appreciated today by the Caribbean nation's embassy.

In recent weeks, there were expressions of appreciation in the Netherlands to Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians who with their contribution to the fight against Covid-19 give continuity to 15 years of the contingent´s work in dozens of countries hit by natural disasters and epidemics, argument used to nominate them for the Nobel 2021.

It´s worth noting the nomination sent to the Nobel Prize Committee by Dr. Paul Jonas, who in his capacity as assistant professor at the Leiden University Medical Center presented the request, a Prensa Latina (PL) note says today.

The publication adds that the doctor and professor described Cuban health professionals as an example for humanity for their selflessness and solidarity.

Buurtzorg, the largest family nurse organization in the country; the Foundation for the Antilles Humanitarian Aid (FAHA), the Community Association of Ethio-Cubans in Europe and the Netherlands ProCuba Foundation also added their support to the petition.

FAHA said in a statement that the Henry Reeve medical brigades deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for their rapid response to the aid needs of other nations in the current Covid-19 scenario and for the human warmth that distinguishes their members.

For their part, Ethiopians living on Dutch soil recalled their love for Cuba and the years of study in the Caribbean island, where they learned about the solidarity that their doctors spread around the planet today, which explains the worldwide clamor to recognize them with the prestigious award, PL reported.

In turn, the Netherlands ProCuba Foundation and its creator, Willem Veldhoven, highlighted the contribution of the Cuban health professionals and in particular the Henry Reeve contingent, activated in 2005 by the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, to assist anyone in need.

The Cuban embassy in the Netherlands thanked the solidarity, the traditional support and the friendship shown by many people with the Caribbean nation.




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