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May Sunday

Cuban authorities hinder drug trafficking operation in national waters

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 3 (ACN) More than two tons of marihuana were seized by Cuban authorities in October, as a result of the confrontation with two large international drug trafficking operations in the extreme east of the country, Granma newspaper published Tuesday.

According to the information, on the night of October 9th, the presence of a speedboat was detected in territorial waters, out of which the shipments with the drugs were thrown during the chase by the Border Guard Troops, to later escape towards the north.
As part of the international collaboration maintained by Cuba in this matter, Cuba notified the Miami Coast Guard Service and the Royal Bahamas Defense Force of the fact and the characteristics of the naval objective, in order to collaborate in the arrest of the authors of the operation.
In national territory, the specialized forces of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) were immediately activated and they participated in the technical investigation and of the place of the fact, closings that are executed in control points and the strengthening of the capacity of discovery in the coastal edge and the depth, to determine if there was a hiding of the drug that had been landed or if it was an operation directed against the country, the press report clarified.
This allowed the seizure of 70 containers and eight isolated packages, which in total included 1,618.75 kilograms of marihuana, between October 9 and 13, in the vicinity of Baracoa and Maisí, without the drug being disseminated, thanks to the coordinated action of the forces involved.
On the other hand, on October 16, another similar boat was captured north of Baracoa, province of Guantanamo(eastern Cuba), with three foreign crew members on board (two Bahamians and a Jamaican) and 730,041 kilograms of marihuana, coming from Jamaica; neither the crew members nor the boat were damaged.
According to information of MININT, this is one of the most complex operations to confront drug trafficking in recent years, due to its characteristics and the volume of drug containers seized in more than 20 different moments and places in our territorial sea.
Investigations continue concerning the event and the detainees, as well as the characteristics of the occupied cargo, the operation, origin and destination of the drugs, which will be incinerated in accordance with established procedures.

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