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June Saturday

Cuban ambassador to Malaysia highlights resilience of the Cuban people

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 13 (ACN) Ibete Fernandez, Cuban ambassador to Malaysia, wrote an article highlighting the resilience of the Cuban people against the aggressions of the United States, which was published by the news bulletin of the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM), Think Left.

As detailed by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign ffairs on its official website, Fernandez explained in the article the successes of Cuba in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic despite the tight economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States that affects the government's ability to deal with the situation more effectively.
She also highlighted how in a selfish attitude the United States has tried to obstruct Cuba's cooperation with other nations affected by the pandemic, threatening to cut aid to their governments, in contrast to the history of solidarity displayed by the Caribbean island.
Fernandez recalled that Cuba has been exposed to the double standards of imperial policy specifically on the issue of terrorism and drew attention to the refusal of the US government to classify as terrorist the aggression suffered by the Cuban embassy in Washington last April 30 and named this silence as a symbol of complicity.
Cuba is committed to respecting human rights, the principles of peaceful coexistence and respect for sovereignty of all countries, the ambassador said.
She added that her country will not stop cooperating and expanding its solidarity despite any threat; no type of aggression is justified with this record of Cuba, she noted.

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