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October Thursday

Dominican associations asks Trump to review laws regarding blockade against Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 9 (ACN) The Dominican Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba asked Donald Trump to review the laws that support the economic, commercial and financial blockade on Cuba, a policy that has seen an intensification in recent times.

In a letter sent to Trump through its embassy in the Dominican Republic, the friends of Cuba, after wishing the president a speedy recovery from the Covid-19, address two issues: the blockade and the medical collaboration of the Cubans.

The signatories reminded the current US president 'that another president of the United States had the nobility to recognize that the economic blockade against Cuba, for almost 60 years, has been a failure.'

'From what we add, it also harms U.S. trade, freedom of transit and the democratic tradition of the majority of Americans themselves, because of this we understand that it is time to review the laws that support it,' the letter added.

Regarding Cuba's medical collaboration, the Campaign asked Trump to be kind enough to instruct his officials so that they discontinue the policy of political and economic blackmail against the WHO and PAHO, which seeks to compel said international institutions not to recognize contributions of Cuba's Henry Reeve Medical Brigade.

Finally, the statement specified that Cuba helped and continues to help dozens of sister nations to face the coronavirus and other disasters, for which they asked to cease the pressure against governments so that they do not request medical assistance from Cuba.

The letter was signed by the National Coordination and Committee of the National District of the Dominican Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba and 26 Committees from all over the country.



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