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August Saturday

Mexican Chamber of Deputies calls on USA to end blockade against Cuba

Mexican Chamber of Deputies calls on USA to end blockade against CubaHAVANA, Dec 12 (ACN) The Chamber of Deputies of the Mexican Congress called on the United States Congress to end the commercial, economic and financial blockade against Cuba, in accordance with the Mexican government's position of rejection of unilateral measures inconsistent with international law.

The motion for such agreement was presented by the Board of Directors of the 64th Legislature of the Chamber of Deputies based on the provisions of the Organic Law of the Congress.
The approved legislation reiterates that Mexico will protect its companies that decide to invest in the Caribbean island.
This provision is based on the principles of Mexico's foreign policy, based on the self-determination of people, non-intervention, the peaceful settlement of differences, outlawing of the threat or use of force in international relations, as well as the legal equality of states, international development cooperation, and the struggle for international peace and security.
Mexican legislators said that the Cuban health system is one of the most affected because the country has no access to medicines, reagents, spare parts for diagnostic equipment, medical equipment and other necessary supplies for health care.
They also denounced that the U.S. president implemented as a pressure measure the Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which tightens the blockade, and reiterated that the Mexican government rejects unilateral extraterritorial acts that violate international law.

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