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Solidarity groups with Cuba demand an end to the US blockade in Athens

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Solidarity groups with Cuba demand an end to the US blockade in AthensHAVANA, Nov. 19 (ACN) Members of Greek solidarity organizations, including the Jose Marti Cultural Association for Solidarity with the Caribbean nation, paraded with a banner calling for "an end to the U.S. blockade against Cuba," leading a group of more than 20.000 participants.

According to Cubaminrex, members of the group Todos Somos Venezuela, PAKS (Panhellenic Anti-War Movement Coordination) and Diethnes Vima (International Forum) participated in the march from the Athens Polytechnic to the U.S. Embassy.
There, the publisher placed a table with its books on Cuba and hundreds of brochures were delivered regarding the blockade for those interested in the subject.
At the event, the Athenians also remembered the 46th anniversary of the so-called "events of the Polytechnic", when students from that school led a massive demonstration of popular opposition to the dictatorial regime of the so-called Board of Colonels.
Greece is part of the international community that, every year, issues its vote in the United Nations in favor of the end of the meddling policy of the White House against Havana, which has been maintained for almost 60 years.

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