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July Thursday

World leaders against coup d'etat in Bolivia

World leaders against coup d'etat in BoliviaHAVANA, Nov. 11 (ACN) Immediately after the news of the coup d'etat in Bolivia, leaders from different countries around the world condemned such events in that nation.

Nicolas Maduro Moros, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, condemned the coup d'etat against President Evo Morales and called for a worldwide mobilization of social and political movements to demand the preservation of the Bolivian indigenous people' lives, victims of racism.
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, former Brazilian president and leader of the Brazilian Workers' Party (PT), denounced the coup d'etat in Bolivia and stated that comrade Evo was forced to resign. It is regrettable that Latin America has an economic elite that does not know how to live with democracy and social inclusion of the poorest, he said.
For her part, Colombian leader Piedad Cordoba warned that: "What happened in Bolivia is a coup d'etat to an elected president. With a wave of violence they force Evo Morales to resign. Let's be clear! They go for tin, silver, copper and all the mining wealth of Bolivia. The IMF will return, privatizations will eliminate subsidies!
Cuban FM Bruno Rodriguez was one of the first to express Havana's repudiation of the situation in Bolivia and expressed the Caribbean nation's solidarity with its leader, urging a "worldwide mobilization for the life and freedom of Evo.
But the current Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, assured that Morales' resignation was the result of "the denunciations of electoral fraud," so he considered that the resignation was a "lesson" on the need "to count the votes that can be audited.
Meanwhile, Evo Morales denounced on Twitter that a police officer publicly announced that he is instructed to execute an illegal arrest warrant against me; likewise, violent groups assaulted my home. The coup plotters destroy the rule of law.

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