Havana, Thursday 14 de November de 2019 03:42 am

Russian parliament demands end to US blockade against Cuba

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 8 (ACN) The Duma (Russian lower house) urged the UN General Assembly and the international community to demand the US to end the blockade against Cuba, damaged even more today by a tightening of that aggressive policy.

The call warns of the persistence of the economic, commercial and financial blockade applied to Cuba, in spite of the reiterated support of the great majority of UN member states for the resolutions presented by Cuba to put an end to almost six decades of restrictions.
Washington constantly creates new hurdles not only for the commercial and investment activities of U.S. companies in Cuba, but also in other countries.
The Duma denounces the effects on various spheres of the Cuban State's life, including energy, transport, medical care and education, food security, cultural development and sport.
Faced with this aggressive escalation, the Cuban authorities were forced to impose strict controls on essential goods in order to achieve equitable distribution, the statement reads in one of its final paragraphs.

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