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Centerfielder Carlos Tabares Says Goodbye to Baseball

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Centerfielder Carlos Tabares Says Goodbye to BaseballHAVANA, Cuba, Jan 11 (ACN) The charismatic and talented centerfielder for the Industriales baseball team and member of the Cuban National team said goodbye to baseball in a beautiful ceremony held on Thursday at Havana´s Latin American Stadium.

Accompanied by his family and fans who enjoyed the baseball star during 24 years as a centerfielder for Industriales Tabares had tears in his eyes when he realized that he would not be part of the active roster anymore.

Disciplined, tough and smart, Tabares began his baseball career at the age of 17 when he enrolled in the team called Constructores in the Development League. However, before concluding his minor league season he was called to join Industriales on December 28th, 1991.

In his first national series, and as one of a group of great outfielders, Tabares did not have many opportunities at bat: 27 times at bat with 9 hits.

After some time he was respected by the managers of the local team and increased his time at bat and was never benched again.

His first international experience was in 1996 during the Rotterdam tournament becoming the batting champion.

As part of the Industriales team, he became national champion on 6 occasions: 1992, 1996, 2004, 2004, 2006 and 2010.

Has member of the Cuban National team he won the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo 2003, was Olympic champion in Greece 2004, World Champion in Italy 1998 and Havana 2003, and was Sub Champ of the First World Baseball Classic in 2006.

Statistics show, that in 24 national series, Carlos Tabares averaged 309, was at bat 6235 and got 1909 hits, got 100 homeruns, 795 RBI's and scored 1043. Stole 220 bases, received 419 walks and struck out 349 times, according to Carlos del Pino who offered these figures to ACN.

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