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Cuba holds International Congress Cardiovilla 2019

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Cuba holds International Congress Cardiovilla 2019SANTA CLARA, Oct 8 (ACN) Doctors from over 21 nations will attend the Cardiovilla 2019 International Congress, to be held from October 8 - 10 in this central city of Cuba.

Around 300 delegates will present valuable experiences and learn about new findings in the work carried out by experts from various health disciplines to combat the leading cause of death in Cuba and the world.
Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, United States, Bolivia, Venezuela, Canada, Panama, Nicaragua, Angola and Guinea Bissau are some of the nations confirmed for the event.
Jesus Satorre Ygualada, President of the Organizing Commission of the event, told ACN that the program includes a meeting with foreign specialists graduated in Villa Clara, the 6th Congress of Cardiology, the 3rd Symposium on Cardiovascular Paradoxes and the 5th Workshop on Cardiovascular Risk, under the slogan "United in science and consciousness, summoned by the heart".


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