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July Saturday

Cuba owns hundreds of farms for the cultivation of medicinal plants

Havana, Sep 24 (ACN) Cuba holds 600 hectares spread over 142 farms, in which 42 species of medicinal plants are cultivated, announced the MSc. Lisbet Avello, official of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG).

In 2011 this sector supplied the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) with 382 tons of plant mass, and by 2020 has the aim of surpassing 1.000 tons, adding the local production centers and the industries of Higher Organizations of Business Management (OSDE) Biocufarma and Labiofam, the specialist in Medicinal Plants told ACN.
She also referred to her body's strategy of guaranteeing the MINSAP' demands, which already includes 170 natural products in the basic list of medicines.
Out of the total number of farms, 11 are in the mountains, over 600 meters above sea level to produce sensitive species that can not be cultivated in the plain by existing climatic conditions, Avello added.
Besides, there are more than 200 hectares where wild plants like the male pine and the majagua flower are collected, noted Avello, who lectured at the recent 28th International Congress of the Italian-Latin American Society of Ethnomedicine, in Havana.
One of the challenges for MINAG is to increase planting areas and technologies that guarantee greater production and quality, as demanded by the World Health Organization (WHO), not only to satisfy national needs, but also for exporting lines so much in demand on the planet.
Medicinal plants in Cuba are totally organic because only bioproducts are applied to them to speed up growth, Avello stressed.

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