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Cuban Science Academy opens debate space for public

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, May 23 (acn) The Cuban Academy of Sciences announced the opening today, at 10:00 a.m., of a space that will allow the population to know and debate aspects related to enigmas and discoveries of science.

According to Mariana Saker, head of the Marketing and Advertising department of CITMATEL, there will be a meeting with renowned academics and specialists of this field the last Thursday of each month in the auditorium of the aforementioned institution.

Saker said the inaugural session will address the topic ¨Life on Earth and in the Universe. Are we the exception or the rule? ¨, with the participation of Oscar Alvarez, an astronomer known by his texts about the universe, its evolution and the search for extraterrestrial life.

The meeting will also be attended by Manuel Iturralde, a geologist and academic who highlights by his explanations on how the Earth was formed and the spaces that gave rise to life in it, and Giraldo Alayon, a biologist recognized by revealing the hazards of life emergency and its evolution until the appearance of intellig ence.

Each of them will submit to public debate their sometimes discrepant viewpoints.

PhD. Luis Velazquez, president of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, invites the population to join this space, which opens a new stage in the work of the scientific community for the dissemination of knowledge.
Those interested can obtain more information, or suggest topics, through the Science Promotion Group of the aforementioned place by telephone 7 861 0261, 7 863 4824, 7 863 7861 and 7862 6536 ext. 117, or through the e-mail acc@ceniai.inf.cu.


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